2 Year Olds
Activist 2:01.0H $16,387  Credit Winer x Bluff
Alex The Great Q1:57.2F $16,990 Muscle Mass x Priceless Image
Can’t Win     Cantab Hall x Win Doctor
Celerity     Credit Winner x Invisible Lady
Danish Girl     Credit Winner x Steamy Windows
Don 1:56.1S $61,185 Credit Winner x Angostura
Feel Your Way     Donato Hanover x Show Your Lindys
Foxy Fantasy 1:56.3M $32,600 Explosive Matter x Meucci Madness
Charging Hard   $6,370 A Rocknroll Dance x Art’s Fantasy
Lima Charisma 1:58.1F  $17,560  Muscle Hill x Celebrity Deville
Lima Valor     Pet Rock x Vanity Fairest
Lucky Ava 1:58.2H $189,756 Lucky Chucky x Ava Marion
Lunar Credit Q1:59.3S $8,925 Credit Winner x Lunar Dream OM
Muscle Playmate     Muscle Hill x Lima Playmate
Naked Dancer     Lucky Chucky x Go Go Dancer
Naturalle Muscle   $19,522 Muscle Hill x Au Naturalle
Piranha Fury Q1:59.2M $17,080 Donato Hanover x Nicole’s Promise
Platonic Hanover   $4,128 Credit Winner x Perfect Chance
Sand Artist Q1:56.4M $34,943 Art Major x Parlee Beach
Six Pack 1:55.4F $198,642 Muscle Mass x Pleasing Lady
Smoke And Mirrors 1:57.0S $136,089 Kadabra x Soutaine Hanover
Sueno Profundo     Muscle Hill x Reinvent
Vertical Axis     Well Said x Polar Opposition
With Presence   $14,840 Yankee Glide x Lady Love Hanover
3 Year Olds
Magic Presto 3, 1:52.1M $652,685 Kadabra x In The Mean Time
Ice Attraction 3, 1:52.4M $308,342 Muscle Hill x The Ice Queen
World Apart 3, 1:52.2F $296,890 Art Major x Polar Opposition
Evelyn 3, 1:52.3M $226,972 Muscle Hill x Viva Las Lindy
New Jersey Viking 3, 1:53.4F $178,688 Muscle Hill x Hall Of Wishes
Leet Hanover 3, 1:55.0F $108,701 Cantab Hall x Lives Like A Queen
Well What’s New 3, 1:53.4F $77,621 Well Said x What’s New Pussycat
Glitzey Gal 3, 1:51.2M $70,220 Muscle Hill x Proclaiming April
Catch The Game 3, 1:55.4F $17,250 Muscle Hill x Angelina Chip
Envy Hanover 3, 1:58.4F $14,712 Donato Hanover x Emmamazing
Royal Sally     RC Royalty x Hindright
Dewycolorintheline 4, 1:53.3M $952,291 Deweycheatumnhowe x Magenta Hall
Gural Hanover 6, 1:51.0M $900,675 Crazed x Givemearing
Non Stick 3, 1:54.0S $587,890 Lucky Chucky x Meucci Madness
Opulent Yankee 3, 1:51.4M $371,420 Muscles Yankee x Opulent Bluestone
Double L Lindy 3, 1:53.0F $258,664 Muscles Yankee x Love Lockdown
Danish Durango 4, 1:52.0M $168,662 Andover Hall x Danish Diamond
Promise Delivered 3, Q1:54.4M $128,765 Muscle Hill x Nicole’s Promise
Winter Harbor 4, 1:52.4M $120,522 Muscle Hill x Spectacular Bay
Southwind Prius 2, 1:56.3M $70,271 Muscle Hill x Honey Pie
Splashed 4, 1:54.2F $24,720 Crazed x Take The Plunge

Updated: 10-22-17