2 Year Olds
A Hopeful Prayer 2, Q1:57.4M Father Patrick x Southwind Hope
A Perfect Dutchess Muscle Hill x Asixpakfromperfect
A Queen Forever Uncle Peter x Lindys Head Nurse
A Southern Lily Southwind Frank x Day Lily
Aela Jamieson Chapter Seven x Blk Thai Optional
Anna Bolena Kadabra x Keystone Taylor
Avant Garde Credit Winner x Ava Marion
Blackout Riley Muscle Mass x Commando Queen
Broad Strokes Chapter Seven x Lady Marian
Callas Southwind Frank x Tactical Caviar
Classicist Captaintreacherous x Mother Of Art
Coronet Captaintreacherous x American Jewel
Cutoffs Muscle Hill x Soutaine Hanover
Hall Wont Fall Cantab Hall x Starfall Winner
Hill Street Blaze Muscle Hill x Louise Kemp
Illuminata Chapter Seven x Traviata
Incommunicado Chapter Seven x Gran Cavalla
Kayla’s Playmate Father Patrick x Lima Playmate
Magic Beauty Kadabra x Magic Marker
Marsala Hanover 2, Q1:55.2F Captaintreacherous x Marinade Hanover
Mellow Yellow Always B Miki x Yellow Diamond
Oracle Father Patrick x Passionate Glide
Red Redemption Muscle Hill x Magenta Hall
Saadet Donato Hanover x Armbro Domino
Seven Wood Chapter Seven x Woodshopper
Stay In Your Lane Chapter Seven x Who Dat Girl
Swan If By Land Muscle Hill x Swan For The Road
Wet My Whistle Muscle Hill x Slightly Tipsy


3 Year Olds
Rocknificent 2, 1:51.M $285,006 Captaintreacherous x Rocklamation
Chestnut Hill 3, 1:53.1M $233,570 Muscle Hill x Poof She’s Gone
Seventimesalady 2, 1:56.4S $225,023 Chapter Seven x Ava Marion
King Alphonso 2, 1:52.0M $128,875 Muscle Hill x Amour Heiress
Hannah 2, 1:56.0H $73,423 Muscle Hill x Viva Las Lindy
Contepartiro Deo 2, Q1:58.4M $34,865 Muscle Hill x Yalta Hanover
Electrapedia 3, 1:55.2F $31,541 Cantab Hall x Baker Black Jet
Sailboat Hanover 3, 1:51.0F $17,088 Captaintreacherous x Shacked Up
Rukiddnme Bluechip $16,462 Muscle Mass x Uh Oh It’s Lindy
Harley K 3, 1:54.2F $4,800 Sebastian K S x Caviar Session
Lindys Stardust $1,250 Trixton x Struck By Lindy
Oxford Hall 2,Q1:59.4S EL Titan x On With The Show
Princess Bride Chapter Seven x Lakeside Bride


Dewycolorintheline 4, 1:53.3M $1,023,841 Deweycheatumnhowe x Magenta Hall
Gural Hanover 6, 1:51.0M $996,347 Crazed x Givemearing
Southwind Avenger 4, 1:51.3M $543,143 E L Titan x Auvergne
Royale Elite 3, 1:55.1S $87,551 Royalty For Life x Day Dream
Southwind Frost 3, 1:54.S $71,824 E L Titan x Freeze Frame
Captain Mulzac 4, 1:50.4F $67,935 Captaintreacherous x But I Like It

Updated: 7/3/20