Name Sire Dam Sex Video
Avalonia Muscles Yankee Ava Marion F HARR  – Hip #226
Beautiful Sin Muscle Hill Sina F LEX – Hip #239
Blue And Bold Yankee Glide Upside Blue Chip C HARR  – Hip #887
Cheap Tricks Trixton Maud Blue Chip C HARR  – Hip #99
Cocktails At Six Conway Hall Dirty Martini F HARR  – Hip #609
Crimson Come Over Muscle Mass Magenta Hall C HARR – Hip #374
Donatos Stardust Donato Hanover Starry Eyed F LEX – Hip #545
Flow And Go Yankee Glide Frisky Fergi F HARR  – Hip #648
Golden Tricks Trixton Golden Goose F HARR  – Hip #655
Hallintheclouds Cantab Hall Headintheclouds F LEX – Hip #46
Ideal Winner Credit Winner New Ideal C LEX  – Hip #527
Incredible Whiner Credit Winner Lady Andi C OUT
Jezzys Legacy Donato Hanover Jezzy F LEX – Hip #173
Love Trumps Hate Credit Winner Love Tale C LEX – Hip #598
Palm Beach Muscle Muscle Mass Palm Beach Chic C HARR  – Hip #773
Seven Colors Blue Chapter Seven Bridget Blue Chip F HARR – Hip #567
Stone Cold Blue Muscle Massive Opulent Bluestone C HARR – Hip #769
Stone Cold Liar Deweycheatumnhowe Summer Stone C MORR – Hip #25
Stronger Together Muscle Mass Allianna F MORR – Hip #36
Surprize Mission Manofmanymissions Prize Chip C HARR – Hip #790
Winner Mark Credit Winner Margarita Hall C LEX – Hip #361